Gardening Resources

Dave’s Garden – nursery reviews and plant databases

Gardensweb – online forum for gardening. I also specifically like the rose forums for advice, in particular the antique rose forum, the iris forum and the cottage gardens forum.

HelpMeFind – search for roses by name, class, etc, and view their characteristics and photos and where to buy them.

Paul Zimmerman – lots of great tutorials, even videos, on caring for roses. Really easy to understand.

Paul Barden’s Old Rose Site – Paul doesn’t really update it anymore but it has some wonderful photos and descriptions of particular classes and old roses. Also, the pull down menus have information on care, propagation and all sorts of stuff. Paul is a rose breeder.

LABELS: I use pawpaw rose labels for the metal part, and then I use my P-Touch label maker to print out clear exterior-grade labels.

probably narcissus minnow


Old House Gardens Heirloom Bulbs

Brent and Becky’s Bulbs

Van Engelen

Schreiners Irises

Blue J Iris

Mid America Iris


Brushwood CLEMATIS

Annie’s annual & perennial plants – great search based on soil/climate type, etc. Unusual rarities, too.

Bluestone perennials


Wynn’s Daylilies

BlueGrass Daylilies

Amador Daylilies

ROSE NURSERIES:Descanso Gardens

Burlington (ask for a catalog)


David Austin

Heirloom Roses

Long Ago Roses



Regan Nursery

Roses Unlimited

Rogue Valley Roses

Vintage Gardens


San Jose Heritage Rose Garden – 3,000+ OGRs and modern roses.

Descanso Gardens – 3,000+ roses including OGRs and modern roses. Also large camellia and lilac collections.

Huntington Library and Garden – beautiful manicured gardens with 1,200+ OGRs and modern roses (and lots of camellias, ornamental fruit trees and other flowers.


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