To Shovel Prune or Not

1 Jun

Made a few possible realizations about various roses in my garden/climate today.

I think Hybrid Perpetuals are just a bit lack-luster here. I planted two big bands 10/20/10. So they’ve had a good 3 years. They’re big pretty healthy plants now with big canes and I get a big spring flush, but not much periodically throughout the year. And even with the spring flush, I get a lot of balling. (Ie roses that don’t open and just brown in the bud) even in our hot dry climate, even when it’s not raining.

I’m also disappointed at how slow my old tea Mme. Lombard is growing. Planted 9/10/10. It’s supposed to be this giant rose, but it’s hardly grown or bloomed at all since I got it.

On the other side, I’m really pleased with Bermuda’s Kathleen, James Galway, Madam Alfred Carriere, The Faun, Lyda Rose, Valencia and Sombrieul. All are nice big healthy bushes now and bloom enough. I think next spring I might do another evaluation and I’d be tempted to replace a few poor performers with ones that I love or try some more bloommasters like chinas or floribundas or… The two big Hybrid Perpetuals are in really good showy spots in the front yard, so they really need to perform more than once in the spring with lots of balling.


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