Gardening Update

4 Mar

My mom came out and we did some gardening maintenance!

– after having black plastic covering the patio for a few months, we finally killed most of the Mexican primroses that had completely taken over the patio and surrounding areas. DO NOT PLANT Mexican primrose! So invasive!! We also put out some “Amaze” to try and kill anything that might come up after. I’ll have to replant the patio in a few weeks, but it’s better than the fight I’d been having with the primroses. We did a ton of weeding all over the yard.

– I finally got rid of most of my rose pot ghetto! Aimee Vibert, Gardens of the World, Pink Rosette, October Moon, Anna Jung, Excellenz Von Schubert, Pomponella (and probably something else I’m forgetting) all went in the ground. The only ones remaining in pots are those I want in pots, the alkaline hating Reine des Violettes and the miniatures Hi, Dian and Golden Buddha. Hopefully all the transplants will take off well!

– We planted 2 pink jasmine vines on the back fence. The label SAID fast growing and vigorous and good for covering a fence, so we’ll see. I really want that back fence covered this year. I’m tired of waiting for Lady Banks and some other roses to grow up and the pink jasmine is evergreen, too!

– Along the lines of filling in the yard with some evergreens, we planted 3 decent sized Breath of Heaven. That already makes the yard look better. I need to plant a few more things like this though, so I’m giving it some consideration… More rosemary? More Breath of Heaven…? Something else…?

– also planted a bunch of baby dianthus and lambs ears to try to fill in the front border a bit. I should plant even more of them, nepeta and santa barbara daisy.

So this post has some color, here’s Mortimer Sackler.

There’s a few more photos on my other blog:


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