August Garden Update

31 Aug

I’m currently almost 34 weeks pregnant (I only have about 4 weeks left till the twin girls come!) and I’m currently on modified bedrest,… so I haven’t been able to keep up with my garden that much.

A few weeks ago, during a heat wave of 105 or so… one of the zones of my sprinkler system broke and I wasn’t aware for a while because I wasn’t really able to go outside in the yard that much! When the crape myrtle stopped blooming and completely turned brown, I noticed, though! Yikes! Our landscapers immediately came out and fixed the problem and I babied some of the effected plants some.

The results of not having ANY water during such a hot period were interesting though.

Most of the established large roses (aprox 3 years old at this point) were not effected AT ALL. This included James Galway, Alchemist, Sombreuil, La France cl., Larry Daniels, Jude the Obscure, William Shakespeare 2000, Mortimer Sackler, Comte de Chambord and Sweet Chariot. James Galway and Sombreuil I would say, actually, are THRIVING, even in the heat wave and no water. Sombreuil putting out canes full of flowers (below).

Amusingly, in the spot where Eden cl originally was, with no care… there are three baby canes coming up. I’m assuming this is a baby Eden cl…! I guess we’ll see what it is when it blooms! (could be a offshoot of the nearby James Galway cl, too I suppose…) Either way I’m happy.

Also after the water came back on and I watched it a bit the crape myrtle completely came back with a full head of green leaves.

However, this past late spring, I had Eden cl and Mme. Berard moved to the arbor (hopefully their final positions). Both were large 3-year old happy plants, but they went into a bit of expected shock at being moved. Then when the sprinkler broke in their area, they really started to suffer and lost their leaves again. They don’t seem to be dying back in the canes though much, so I’m hopeful they will survive. It makes sense, their root system wasn’t as established because they were moved this year.

Another partial loss was Belle Story. It lost all of it’s large canes all the way back to the ground… but after I got the water fixed and babied it a bit it sent up a new baby cane, so it looks like it will survive. I have to be honest though, compared to other roses in my yard, I haven’t been that happy with Belle Story’s performance. It’s kind of just 3 bare canes (or it was) and doesn’t bloom that often. I might end up replacing it with something more vigorous. I’ve given it 3 years.

I completely lost the small 3 year old ownroot Tiffany rose, though. I’m not too upset about that because it hadn’t grown more than a few inches in 3 years. I think I’ll try a grafted Tiffany to replace it next spring.

Most upsetting though was Grandmother’s Hat. Grandmother’s Hat is supposed to do really well in my area and I had a particular spot for her… and she’s quite hard to get. I had her in a large pot and had babied her for 3 years from a very small own root. She was finally starting to get some size. was finally going to plant her when it cooled off this fall, but now that idea is out. When the heatwave hit, I guess she wasn’t getting enough water and I didn’t notice due to bedrest, she’s completely died back to the ground. II’m hoping maybe she’ll come back, but it’s unlikely… I don’t see any signs of life.


Unrelated to the sprinklers breaking, I’m really still quite happy with The Faun (Bossa Nova) rose. Next time I have the ability to plant/buy some roses, I’d like to get at least one more.

Valencia rose is becoming a big lush bush and is almost constantly in bloom no matter how hot it is outside.


My bloodlily bloomed for the 3rd year in a pot!

I need more Breakers and Total Recall irises. They are the only ones of my reblooming bearded irises that consistently rebloom.


I’m also really happy with the guara in the front and the back. I want to plant more when I’m able to get more of a drift of them. They’re getting big and fabulous.

The sedum in the back is also starting to bloom and I need more of that! I love that it starts to thrive in the heat of summer into the fall when other stuff maybe is upset due to the heat.

Nepeta and Lantana

The nepeta, lemon verbena, creeping lantana and lambsear overall are doing really well too, so I want to get more of it to fill in. There are some areas in the front where the nepeta and lantana and lemon verbena are really fluffing up and growing together and it looks fabulous. So happy with it. Need more! I’d like a little more grosso lavender in the front, too. It does really effortlessly in the front (where the drainage is excellent.)

Lastly, I added a potted jasmine sambac and a everblooming gardenia to my porch. 🙂


2 Responses to “August Garden Update”

  1. Anne September 1, 2012 at 9:43 am #

    Glad to read most of your roses pulled through the heat wave.

    Since you’ve got so many roses, I’ve got a question and maybe you’ve got an answer… Can roses stand on a windy spot? I’m planning to plant some roses in my own little piece of garden. From midday on, that spot is in full sunlight which is good right? But that spot can be a bit windy. On (blog-category about my garden), even though in Dutch, you can see pictures of my little spot.

    This year I’ve had flower bulbs, which are nice, but I want to put plants there that have flowers (preferrably with a nice scent). I’ve already read that roses need a lot of sunlight, perfect for that spot, but I don’t know if they can handle wind…

    Good luck with the last few weeks of the pregnancy! You looked stunning in that regency-dress.

    • aimeemajor September 1, 2012 at 4:36 pm #

      People say that mostly roses need 4-5 hours of good sunlight, so it depends on how much your area gets. You may want to watch the area and actually mark how many hours of sun it gets. From your photos it’s probably fine, but just make sure. If it gets significantly less than that, you should consider roses that are more shade tolerant like hybrid musk roses.

      I don’t know how windy your spot is, but we live near the top of a hill and certain parts of the year it gets quite windy for us. I had an arbor fall over one year. I think it’s possible if it was extremely windy for a rose cane to break, but it would have to be pretty windy for that! Keep in mind that most roses are thorny and if you combine that with wind,… the loose long canes can become dangerous to other plants near them (they’ll whip them with their canes potentially…)

      Check and see what plants go good with your heat/cold zone, this includes roses. Certain roses do better in colder areas and certain ones in warmer ones (like mine). Also, think about whether you want to plant in a few evergreen shrubs to mix in with the roses. Most of the roses will loose their leaves in the winter, so a few evergreens for structure would be nice. And then on top of that picking some short perennial and annual plants to mix in with the roses if that’s the style you like… like nepeta, geraniums, lambsear, day lilies, irises… whatever you can grow in your area. Like I can’t grow peonies, it doesn’t get cold enough where I am.
      Goodluck! 🙂

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