Recent Vintage Gardens Order

18 Apr

I really don’t have much (any?) room left but I wanted to order a few experiments and smaller plants from Vintage Garden’s recent sale (still ongoing) and also to help support them a bit. There are very few rose vendors still in business that carry more rare and/or antique roses, which is largely what I like to buy.

Here’s what I ended up ordering:

Pink Rosette
Floribunda, by Krebs, 1948…
(for sale at Vintage Gardens, more photos at helpmefind). Photo courtesy of Woodbury, Celeste.
I’ve seen this rose several times in person at Huntington Gardens. It makes big clusters of perfect pink rosettes, hence the name. Vintage lists it as having a “rapid” rebloom and healthy foliage,… that sounds like a pretty awesome plant to me even though it only has light scent.


Excellenz von Schubert
Hybrid Musk, by Lambert, 1909
(for sale at Vintage Gardens, more photos at helpmefind. Photo courtesy of John W.)
I’d been curious about this one for a while, there aren’t very many hybrid musks with this color or this bloom shape. I have some partial shade areas that I’m experimenting with, and I figured Excellenz von Schubert might be worth a shot. (Hybrid Musks are typically more tolerant of partial shade than some other rose classes.) Also, Vintage lists it as having a strong scent and rapid rebloom, that’s a pretty glowing recommendation.


Miniature, origin unknown.
(for sale (custom root only) at Vintage Gardens, photo courtesy of Vintage.)
Not much info about this little rose other than what Vintage says about it, “A micro-mini that stays under 12″ with tiny leaves and flowers smaller than a dime, five petals, pale rosy pink with soft yellow stamens.” No scent and rapid rebloom! With my limited space, an adorable little rapid bloomer sounds awesome to me.


Miniature, 1957 Moore.
(for sale (custom root only) at Vintage Gardens, more photos helpmefind. Photo courtesy of Paul Barden.)
Very little info on this one, too, but I thought the pointed petals and color were lovely, and again, it’s a miniature. Also, my only other Moore rose is Sweet Chariot, and I wanted to try some others of his. Vintage says, “Quite double little flowers of rose-cerise with a pale eye; the petals are perfectly formed in a pinwheel effect with pointed tips.” Light apple scent and good rebloom.


One Response to “Recent Vintage Gardens Order”

  1. gothiclibrarian April 19, 2012 at 1:57 pm #

    Pink Rosette is lovely!

    I was actually just looking out my window thinking that things are going to get crowded and I might need to move a couple next year…

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