More Iris and Rose Blooms

17 Apr

Clarence Iris

Madame Alfred Carriere

A set of October Moon blooms over the course of several days

One of the few plants besides agapanthus I kept from the development, cistus rock roses, they seem to really be coming into their own this year (about 3 years later).

Summertime Blues Iris

Cluster of Summertime Blues Iris… aren’t they gorgeous…? You can see Carding Mill in the background (the coral color)

More Summertime Blues with happy nepeta in the background.

Carding Mill Rose

Sydonie Rose

Full shot of La Reine Rose (minus her big long canes… I guess I should try pegging them?)

Archduke Charles Rose

Finally got the arbor situated! It’s sunk in concrete now to weather those crazy winds we get… and Eden Cl. and Mme. Berard are on either side of it, hopefully they won’t go through too much shock from being moved.
Next job is to plant Grandmother’s Hat in the back corner.


One Response to “More Iris and Rose Blooms”

  1. gothiclibrarian April 17, 2012 at 5:52 pm #

    Love your blue irises! I have a few spots to fill in from what the squirrels stole over the past year…I keep looking at the icy blue ones like these (will have to see what the local society has on the sales table later this summer). Just lovely 😀

    My first SDB bloomed this week, I’m loving them even though they’re just babies and I’ve only got a few blooms.

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