Full Front Yard Shots

10 Apr

Full 3-year-old Front Yard Shots.
NOTE: All of these photos you can click on to get a larger view.

I’ll post the backyard images later in another post.
The yard is about 3 years old now! If you’re curious, this is what it looked like August, 2010another shot.

I’d love suggestions on adding a few backbone type plants (like boxwoods or other non-rose-shrubs…). I’m not sure where would be the best place to put one. I’d also love advice on where I can add more plants to fill things in. Off the top of my head, I think I’d like more nepeta and lavender, so that they are more of a mound of them instead of one singular plant here, and then one more later on.

My house is the pale one to the right. You can see the property line change where the mulch changes color (most visible on the left). The greyish plants are grosso lavender in the middle. The two small trees near the middle are Western Redbuds.

The rose near the front left is Heavenly Pink with Sophie’s Perpetual small next to it (with red leaves).

Grosso Lavender is the grey. Irises in the center. The larger lower clumps with skinnier blades are agapanthus. Behind the Irises is La Reine Rose with Baronnne Prevost Rose behind it.

Carding Mill Rose on the left. More irises.

Two 3 year old Madame Alfred Carriere roses climbing up the pillars. Lyda Rose in the center.

I’m really happy with how the nepeta and the lambsear are doing in the front, they’ve really bushed out and look so happy!

Left side of sidewalk. This is nepeta (front left)  next to Gruss an Aachen (right). There are irises, lemon verbena and agapanthus around them. You can see some purple low lantana in the top left corner and some lambsear near it.

Left side of sidewalk (closer to street). More nepeta and lambsear with a little low lantana and irises. Wood in the center is support for a Western Redbud tree (which doesn’t seem to bloom much, even after 3 years…. I’m tempted to shovel prune it.) Right in front of the wood is Queen of Sweden Rose and in the far left you can see a bloom on Carding Mill Rose.

Another view of the same area. The dark burgundy plants behind the Western Redbud are guara.

Right side of sidewalk (next to garage). Rita Sammons Rose throwing up her first tallish cane ever (center, red growth in front of the cement pineapple). Irises all around with one agapanthus in the back. Behind this is Lyda Rose and Penelope Rose. Nepeta in front with a little low purple lantana.

Another view of the same area

Archduke Charles (near the backish leftish) has grown a fair amount since last year. It’s about twice the height from when I got it 10/10.

Lastly here’s a few single flower shots from the front yard.

Archduke Charles Bloom

Daughter of the Stars Iris

The Doctor

La Reine

La Reine


One Response to “Full Front Yard Shots”

  1. gothiclibrarian April 10, 2012 at 8:59 pm #

    Can’t wait to see all those irises in bloom!

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