Maintenance, Lilac and Rose Blooms

9 Apr

Happy Easter!

Janet Inada (older bloom)

Got lots of maintenance done today!

    • pulled two contractor bags full of weeds out, yikes!
    • planted about 3 tomatoes, 9 dianthus and 5 six-packs of alyssum
    • trimmed all the old growth leaves off the backyard roses
    • tied up Alchemist and La France Cl. to the back wall (instead of them octopusing out into the lawn where they grab my husband when he tries to mow the lawn…)

Here’s some pretty stuff blooming around the yard. None of the roses are in full bloom right now, it’s just a few single blooms here and there, but still, it’s fun! A lot of these blooms are the first ones this year for each plant.  A lot of buds out there…! I wonder when the yard will hit peak?

I still need some more lavender and nepeta for the front yard since those are doing ridiculously well and I’d love to have more of a bank of them.

On a side note,… I think after paying attention to Huntington’s evergreen shrub placement, I’m starting to understand those backbones a bit better. I think I might be finally ready to place a few! I think I’m going to take some full-yard shots and do some Photoshop sketches of where   I think the evergreen shrubs might look nice.


Janet Inada (older bloom)

La Reine bud

La Reine buds all over!

Another Daughter of the Stars Iris bloom

Descanso Lilac bloom! YAY!

La France cl.

Baronne Prevost

Carding Mill

Carding Mill (same bloom different day)


One Response to “Maintenance, Lilac and Rose Blooms”

  1. gothiclibrarian April 9, 2012 at 10:21 am #

    Yay for spring garden cleaning! I’d love to see some overall shots of your garden this year, I bet everything has really grown.

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