Descanso Lilac Bloom Afterall + Spirea, Roses, Statice, Clematis, etc.

2 Apr

I’m most excited about my Descanso Lilac, Lavender Lady. I thought since she was leafing out that she wouldn’t bloom (again) this year,… but look what I found!

As a sidenote, I figured out what all those little plants were that were taking over the side of my yard and my thyme patio… they’re Mexican Primroses. GRRR! Invasive little suckers! I pulled out a good 3 grocery bags of them this weekend but I still have a fair amount to go.

Here’s my first bloom on Janet Inada, too. What a lovely bright color and complex form! The smell was gorgeous, too. Sweet and a bit fruity, perhaps.

Janet Inada Rose

This is a pink spirea that my mom gave me that she rooted from a plant in her Charleston, South Carolina garden. It was just a single little branch and now look at it! I adore it. I can’t wait for it to get big.

This Silver Moon Clematis also pleasantly surprised me. I thought it had died, but it’s obviously fine! Can’t wait till it grows bigger so I can see it from my side kitchen window.

This little Rozanne geranium dies in the heat of summer every year, but always comes back in the spring. (It’s growing willy nilly out of one of my Agapanthus.)

More lovely sedum blooms.

My statice is finally starting to look happy this year. I need to plant more!

Another bloom on the mystery rose! (Probably Dortmund…?)


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