Yearly Rose Review

4 Jan

These were my favorite roses in my garden this year. Can’t wait to see what will happen this coming year!

I adore the color changing aspect of the rose and it blooms ALL THE TIME. Even in Dec and January. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.

The Faun, totally romantic, blooms ALL THE TIME.

Lyda Rose –
Blooms a lot and all year! It’s in a periodically shady area of my yard and the blooms appear to glow. It’s very cheerful.

James Galway. Planted early 2010 with several other Austins, this one has grown and bloom more than all the others by far. LOVE IT.

Mme Berard, big fat pink tinged romantic blooms, a lot of rebloom.

Mme Joseph Bonnaire, when she blooms, she is so gorgeous I can’t stand it.

La France cl. blooms so big and fat and lovely.

Felicia. Finally got a big cluster after about a year or two… so gorgeous.

Bermuda’s Kathleen, love the slightly curled petals and the color changing.

Gruss an Aachen has started to come into it’s own


One Response to “Yearly Rose Review”

  1. gothiclibrarian January 4, 2012 at 5:57 pm #

    Thanks for sharing 😀 I love to see real-garden views and thoughts on roses…catalogs can only help so much, right?

    I can’t wait for my Felicia to grow more too! Planted 2011.

    My fave of the 2011 bloomers was Quietness (planted 2010). Runner-up was what was labeled Gloire de Mousseux (Laffay, 1852, Moss)…my blooms don’t seem as double as GdM’s usually are (maybe just a young plant?)…but oh are they mossy and BEAUTIFUL! Adore her, whatever she may be.

    I’m literally sitting on my hands to stop from buying this year. I think I need to take a full year off new roses.

    White Pet, Green Ice, and Clotilde Soupert are all batting their eyelashes at me though…but I don’t need them until we build our retaining wall…must…r-e-s-i-s-t!

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