New Rose Bed

20 Oct

PLEASE, take pity on me and only tell me positive things. I’m pretty sick this week with some sort of horrible virus and have way too much work-work to do… but the landscapers got new rose bed done!

This goes down the right side of our front yard which was totally barren we moved in. It’s a long narrow strip. I figured it would be perfect for some roses. To the right of the bed is the empty lot that will eventually be someone else’s yard.

Here are some baby bands that came from Rogue Valley this week. This is probably my last “major” rose order for quite a while. My garden is VERY full. Other than the free and mystery roses, the new babies all Paul Barden roses! I’ve wanted to try his roses for a while.
What you see here: Golden Buddha, Janet Inada, Oshun, October Moon… and then my free Borderer bonus rose and one free mystery rose.

The new rose bed will have the new Oshun in it… and then these roses I already have from the pot ghetto:
Lady Alice Stanley
Grace Darling
Madame Joseph Bonnaire
Baronne Edmond de Rothschild
and maybe Aimee Vibert


One Response to “New Rose Bed”

  1. Anika October 20, 2011 at 11:02 pm #

    Looks great! Hope you have good luck with the roses…my only Barden is Mel Hulse and I’ll be shocked if it makes it through the winter…

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