Bermuda’s Kathleen, Archduke Charles and Growth

11 Oct

I bought this snail vine on a whim (it has cute little purple flowers kindof like snapdragons that look a bit like snails.) It seems to really love this spot, but I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had time to train it up the wall and it’s just growing down the sideyard like it doesn’t care. haha. It’s hard to see, but it probably goes a good 7 feet down the sideyard.

I really need to start pulling up the mexican primroses though. They must have been in some wildflower seed packet I planted,… because I don’t remember CHOOSING to plant them. They’re now starting to take over and while I like the flowers… they seem to just be coming up all over the place and they don’t bloom as often as I’d like for me to allow them to conquest.

Snail Vine and Mexican Primroses

Some petals from Tipsy Imperial Concubine rose fallen down into Santa Barbara Daisies and Dianthus. I like the selfseeding from the Santa Barbara Daisies… much more manageable and they’re always blooming.


This is one of my mystery free roses from Rogue Valley Roses… I think it might be White Wings.

Bermuda's Kathleen

Carding Mill

Seeing some growth on Archduke Charles!

So lovely!

Really charmed by Gruss an Aachen the last week or so. How cute it looks covered with blowsy flowers!

Wild Eve is starting to look larger, too!

I love how it’s petals drop.


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