A Few Rose Blooms

30 Sep

This is the first really good bloom I’ve gotten from Gruss an Aachen! Exciting! Previous blooms have been paler, not as much color difference, but look at the beautiful slightly pinker edge petals. Lovely! The bush is full of buds right now. It was planted 10/10 as a 2 gallon plant from Antique Rose Emporium.

Gruss An Aachen

I’ve been pinching off most of the buds on my bushes for a year or two now… people say that if you do that when the plant is young, they’ll spend their energy on growing roots and the plant itself instead of “wasting” it on blooms. But I think for the rest of fall, I’ll just let them bloom as they will. I’ve “been good” long enough, right…?

Bermuda's Kathleen

In general, everything is doing better now, it’s cooling off a little bit, and my irrigation system seems to be working better. (We supposedly had it fixed. I don’t trust it.)

Can’t wait to see what the roses do next spring.

Wild Eve


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