Finally an Arbor

15 Sep

My original plan for the garden was always to have an arbor with it… but I kept deliberating, and then finally this past Christmas my family helped us to buy one, but then we weren’t handy enough to put it together. Finally had a handyman come out and put it together for us. I did feel a bit better when he said it was harder to put together than it looked. haha. I think I’m going to have them come back on another day and sink some 2X4s in concrete to make sure it’s really sturdy there (right now it’s just secured with the stakes that came with the arbor)

Doesn’t the arbor look pretty, though…? I think it really makes the yard look better. I’m going to have Eden cl and Mme Berard roses climbing up with with Jackmanii clematis.

On less happy note,… it seems the left side of the yard irrigation is either not working again, or is “still” not working (after being fixed). I wonder if we have a leak somewhere… The landscaping guy is coming tomorrow. I’m just so tired of keeping having to fix all this…! I’ll be so relieved when it works properly for longer than a month!


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