Daylily Sale & A Shrubbery

3 Sep

I bought some daylilies this week from Amador’s sale. I picked out all reblooming semi-evergreen or evergreen.
They are from the top left, Arctic Ruffles (Nocturnal), Chinese Temple Flower (fragrant), Glory in Ruffles (fragrant), Nairobi Night, Elizabeth Salter, Arpeggio, and Royal Saracen.

Lately my obsession is trying to decide on a couple shrubs to put inbetween the roses while the rest of the plants are growing in. I wanted something evergreen and that would grow relatively quick… but would hopefully stay around 4X4 to 5X5 (or tolerate pruning to keep it to size).

Bring Me.... A SHRUBBERY!

My top three are
Coleonema Sunset Gold (top choice)
I really like the color,… how fluffy/airy it looks and it’ll probably bloom almost year round according to various reports? Only negative is that it might eventually start to get too big. I can prune it, but it’s not quite as pretty when it’s pruned.

Myrtis Communis Compacta
This one is really easily prunable… but I find the foliage a little boring perhaps…? (It’s just you see these all over as hedges). But maybe if I pruned it in a round shape, I’d like it a lot? (Probably flowers only in spring) It’s a good color though and probably the safest of all three choices because of how easy it takes pruning.

Leucophyllum Frutescens (Texas Ranger)
This one’s easily prunable, too but again, is probably cuter when not pruned so much. Not sure how much it would bloom, probably a lot…?


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