29 Aug

Well… yet again a zone (two zones actually) in my irrigation system were broken and I didn’t realize for a few weeks because I was too busy. So perhaps part of the reason my Crape Myrtle and my Tiffany Rose were doing so poorly was simply because they were getting NO WATER (during the hottest part of summer!) AGH! I’m having the landscaper (a new one) replace it with copper, so hopefully it won’t be so faulty.

On more positive notes, some things blooming around my yard (some despite the lack of water.)

Tipsy Imperial Concubine

Lavender Lassie

La France Cl.

Baronne Prevost

Reine Des Violettes


Santa Barbara Daisies and Dianthus

Potted Bloodlily

Immortality Iris

The only Crocosmia bloom I may ever see? haha...


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