Damage Report

12 Aug

I was complaining to Anika about my hydrangeas,… so here they are.

They bloomed gorgeously earlier this spring/summer, but then the blooms got really crispy, and I clipped most of them off,.. and then no repeat bloom yet. They’re dwarf Pia hydrangeas. Are they getting too much sun? I’m pretty sure they get enough water. (or am I doing something else wrong?)

Tiffany rose is upset and lost all her leaves.

My crocosmia came up… but then it’s turning brown. Not sure why. 😦 Any ideas? I’m pretty sure I amended the ground enough, and I planted up the area, too, so I’m hoping the drainage is good enough? D:

In more positive news, I got rewarded by spotting my first Gladiola bloom (I think this is Friendship?).

Sedum and Morea

Beautiful hot pink thorns on new-ish growth of La France cl.

New growth on Sombrieul! WOO!

I tried planting some cosmos from small plants at the nursery, they didn’t go that well. But these puppies came up from seed and BOOM! they are huge! Not much blooming yet, but… we’ll see.

Duftendes Weisskirchen

Snail Vine growing wherever it pleases.


One Response to “Damage Report”

  1. Anika August 12, 2011 at 10:23 am #

    Hmmm…that does look like some damage to your Pia from either lack of water or sun exposure. Is she in afternoon shade?

    So glad to see you out taking pix ::hugs::

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