Gardening: Getting By

6 Aug

It’s been a really rough summer due to me being very busy with work and conventions.

The weather has been very hot a few days, but otherwise it’s been unusually temperate for our area, very few over 100 degree days. This is good because I have so little time,… I don’t really have time even to make sure everything is watered often!

A couple of my pot ghetto roses have been suffering, namely my mystery pink rose, Compassionate Friend (which I wasn’t a huge fan of anyway,…) but most distressingly my beloved Madame Joseph Bonnaire is suffering. I hope she recovers. I’d had to pull her up a bit, she’d sent a huge root down through the bottom of the pot and into the ground by like a foot, so I pulled her up and repotted her and she seemed fine for a while, but now she’s really looking upset. (her leaves are pale and some have dried up.) I’ll just have to watch her and make sure she’s getting enough water I guess.

I think part of the trouble is that I was hoping to have the new front rose bed done this spring and that didn’t happen. I need to move forward and get that done this fall, so perhaps if I start planning now, that will happen. I think some of my pot ghetto roses are simply upset about being in pots. Like Cl. Maman Cochet. Hasn’t bloomed once. Big canes, seems healthy enough… but no blooming and it’s been a while! I think she just wants to be in the ground. Another example was my Alchemist. I have two, both were in 3 gallon pots. Once I put one of them in the ground, the following spring it was covered in blooms, the other one, in it’s pot still, no blooms at all. Same size plant, same time acquired.

My 3 Sweet Chariots (in the back bed) are something of a disappointment. They haven’t grown at all since I planted them last year. They seem like they’re doing “ok”… but they just aren’t growing. I hope they do better next year because descriptions of her were a fast growing, fast blooming rose!

Aimee Vibert (a pot ghetto baby) is still plugging along though and Sombreuil (moved against the wall in the ground) is starting to grow some (finally!) The Prince in the front yard is growing a bit and wanting to bloom a lot and my darling Madame Alfred Carriere (the left one) is still growing up a storm.

Most pleasant surprise? The Faun (Bossa Nova) is a BLOOM MACHINE. It has beautiful blooms like old garden roses and it is NEVER out of bloom. I seriously need to get more of them.

I’ve mostly been pinching buds lately because I’m too busy … and it’s really hot out (I figure they might be tired) and I figure they can grow more while I can’t look at their flowers anyway, so no rose photos, sorry!

Here’s some hydrangeas and lilies my girlfriends sent me to cheer me up. 🙂


2 Responses to “Gardening: Getting By”

  1. Sherry August 8, 2011 at 2:16 am #

    Oh, Aimee, I hope MJB perks up. Maybe she’s just a bit shocked at having her toesies yanked out of the ground. I hate when that happens! I had The Faun once. It wasn’t in enough sun, I think, and it hardly bloomed at all. I gave it to a friend who loves it. I’m glad yours is doing so well. Get some rest and stay cool.

    • aimeemajor August 8, 2011 at 4:42 am #

      Thanks Sherry! I’ll just keep watch on her and see how’s she’s doing. I hope she gets better, she was so happy before I pulled her root up!
      THe Faun, she’s in a lot of sun, pretty much all day. I’m thinking about potting up my Sweet Chariots to see if they’ll grow better in a pot, and maybe getting a couple more The Fauns since that one seems so happy and it would make a great border front rose (which was the plan for Sweet Chariot) Hope you’re doing ok, it’s pretty hot in FL right now right?
      My mom is on the south-east and she planted some hydrangeas today and she felt really bad after! TOO HOT! So take it easy.

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