First Daylily Bloom and Lavender

24 Jun

Well, for some reason I couldn’t get an in-focus photo, but this is the first of my daylily blooms that I’ve actually CAUGHT. This is “Something Wonderful” which looks a bit boring right now, but I’ll give it time. It’s supposed to have a distinct gold-ruffled edge (and probably diamond dusting, knowing me…), and it kinda does. But it’s still a baby.

Totally unrelated, I’m SO SO SO pleased with my lavender lately (grosso lavender). It’s very happy in my front bed, which due to it’s raised nature has much more excellent drainage than the back. A FEW of my many attempts to plant lavender in the back survived, but most of them died. I then figured out the drainage factor and tried them in the front, and they did “fine” but this year they are really taking off. I’m glad I didn’t give up.

I don’t really know what’s the deal with lambsear and santa barbara daisy, some of them thrive and some of them look sickly. I guess I’ll just keep randomly planting them around and see which survive.

Lately, I’m wanting to plant more lambsear, santa barbara daisy, cosmos, yarrow and sedum… and I want to try some verbena, floss flower, heliotrope, geranium pelagaonium… and a ton of other stuff I’m sure, but it’s just now starting to get hot, so I’m not sure if I should wait or not. I don’t really have as much time as some to baby the plants, so I probably should. But maybe if I planted them and went out every morning to give them some extra water, they’d make it? HMMMMMMM

Really looking forward to this fall when a couple projects will get done (1) my husband will finally help me put together the arbor we bought this spring and I can move my roses around to go with it. (2) I can get some landscapers to put in my front-side rose cutting garden bed. I already have the roses for it, really (if they survive till then). I just need the irrigation system extended and the bed made. I know well enough not to attempt it myself with our hard ground (yikes).


One Response to “First Daylily Bloom and Lavender”

  1. Sherry June 25, 2011 at 9:18 pm #

    I’m glad you persevered with the lavender. Sometimes I think I’m too quick to give up on a plant. It can be a pain to move them (at least to me it is), but sometimes it pays off big. First daylily flowers are usually not their best, and I’ve found that even when they’re not real fancy they steal my heart just as much. They really appeal to me more and more. I don’t have a single one that I don’t like.

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