Hydrangeas, Crocosmia Sprouts and Roses

9 Jun

This is my happy Aimee Vibert noisette (from Rogue Valley Roses). Apparently there’s a climbing sport that is not reblooming, and sometimes the two roses are confused. Some people have said they’ve had trouble with this rose growing very slowly, but my little Aimee is pretty happy in her pot and has grown quite a bit in the short time I’ve had her. She was a tiny band earlier this year. She’s had a couple blooms, too! But I always seem to miss them at their peak.

Aimee Vibert

This is supposedly Great Maiden’s Blush (also from RVR). I was told by many folks that Albas class roses like this one likely wouldn’t bloom again because of how mild our winters are. We did get a tiny-tiny sprinkling of snow and frost this year (melted by morning), so maybe that’s why this baby is blooming again? Who knows! I have two, they’re both supposed to be once-blooming. I chose them because the spot they’re in is pretty shady and this rose is supposed to do pretty well with that, and they seem to have done ok.

Great Maiden's Blush?

The Faun (sometimes called Bossa Nova) was me looking for a border rose. I tried a few other ones, too… but I think so far this is my favorite. I might have to get two more and do a bank of them. This isn’t a great photo… but it’s a very fluffy beautiful bloom. It seems very happy, too.

The Faun (Bossa Nova)

Bermuda’s Kathleen was a gamble, as there are very few photos of her online or in rose books. She’s a found Bermuda rose that looks very similar to Mutabilis, but without the yellow part of the color changing. There’s a little bit of curling, very slight double-ness to the blooms that I like. Also, so far she seems to bloom a lot and be pretty happy, so I’m enjoying my choice!

Bermuda's Kathleen

Another shot of Archduke Charles

Archduke Charles

Heavenly Pink was a “why not” purchase from EuroDesert Roses before they went under. I’m glad I got it. The little thing just COVERS itself with flowers. It’s charming.

Heavenly Pink

Lavender Lassie, which I fell in love with at Descanso Gardens. I want it to grow up the back of my house around the guest bedroom window/den window area. That would be AMAZING.

Lavender Lassie

I have two Lyda Roses. This is the one that gets more sun and has grown far more. I’m really starting to fall in love with it’s white and pink flowers and it’s general happiness.

Lyda Rose

Lyda Rose

Pomponella is a little baby! My plan for this one is an obelisk in a pot or something small and ornamental like that. It’s growth habit so far seems to be it would do well at that.


My Reine des Violettes is SO MUCH HAPPIER NOW. I had planted her immediately into the ground when I first got her in early 2010, and she didn’t grow at all and she was tiny and didn’t bloom… and then she lost all her leaves (all 3 of them, she was tiny). I recently potted her up and she’s started growing and looking much happier and even bloomed a couple times! I think she just doesn’t like my alkaline clay soil. That’s fine, she can be a pot baby.

(SIDENOTE: Gloire Des Dijon, Souvenir de la Malmaison (my second dead one… what’s up with that?), one of my two William Shakespeare 2000s, and one of my early Hybrid Teas (Mrs. Charles J. Bell?)  seem to be well and truly dead… but I had slightly too many roses anyway… so I’m kinda ok with that…)

Reine Des Violettes

Reine Des Violettes

New this spring are hydrangeas! one of my favorite plants, but I thought my yard was too dry for them… but then I noticed that the area around the A/C stays a bit wetter, so I’m going to try two dwarf pia ones there and see how they do. We’ll see how they survive this summer. That’ll be the test. But right now, they’re gorgeous.

Pia Dwarf Hydrangea

Crocosmia coming up! These are red and were a gift from a nice lady online. 🙂 I can’t wait to see how the bank of them looks. I hope they’ll bloom this year. SO EXCITING.



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