Reine Des Violettes 1st Bloom & Bowls of Roses

25 Apr

Just a few photos this morning, we’re getting close to some work deadlines, but I’ve been clipping a lot of flowers and putting them inside the house and in my cube. My husband asked if this was some “Victorian thing” putting roses in bowls around the house. I suppose it probably was, but I just want to see them all over the place! I need some more pretty bowls.

La France Cl. and Baronne Prevost

I got a small band of Reine Des Violettes in one of my very first rose orders in late ’09. It didn’t grow at all and then about 4 months later all it’s leaves fell off! It was then I found out that Reine Des Violettes doesn’t like alkaline soil. It’s funny how those rose catalogues never mention things like that, isn’t it?  Some descriptions of her go so far as to say she’s “not fussy”, but mine certainly was fussing about something. 🙂 So fall last year I potted her up and now she seems to be doing better and rewarded me with her first bloom. I’m guessing that she’ll be darker and more purpley when she’s a bit older. (Her sister in sickly-hood, Gloire de Dijon, I think perhaps, unfortunately, has died.)

Reine Des Violettes

Lastly, a kind of poor indoor photo of James Galway cl. But aren’t those ruffly edges lovely? It looks different from all my other roses.

James Galway Cl


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