2nd Year Rose-splosion

23 Apr

While I was in China a bunch of my roses bloomed! I feel like things are starting to fill in (a bit) and I feel like sitting smugly in the flowers as people drive by. Haha. (It’s not THAT great, it just feels to me that great because I’ve anticipated it so…) (This is what it looked like last August when I planted most of this…)

Irises (Breakers and Rosalie Figge) and La Reine Rose

Ixia bulbs (?)

Rosalie Figge Iris with Breakers behind.

La Reine Rose, I still adore, but the blossoms are a lot fuller than last year! I almost miss her first year blooms, but both are lovely.

La Reine Rose

Baronne Prevost, shocked me at being WAY prettier than it’s first year (last year). The fuller blooms are really impressive, whereas last year I was pretty disappointed. I thought BP was too flat and boring.  Many people told me that a rose looks much better it’s second year… seeing is believing!

Baronne Prevost

Still quite pleased with Madam Alfred Carriere.

Madame Alfred Carriere

A few from the backyard,

A cane of blooms on Madame Berard

Last year, Eden Cl. was bush-shaped, this year she’s starting to look more like a climber.

Bloom on Eden Cl.

Grandmother's Hat


William Shakespeare 2000


One Response to “2nd Year Rose-splosion”

  1. Sherry Roma April 24, 2011 at 4:21 am #

    Aimee, your roses are looking so wonderful for just their second year. I remember your plans to put MAC on a trellis on that pillar. How lovely that it has actually happened. She’s quite large already, too. All your roses are so healthy. I have a few that are in their first year. I have to always remind myself that they’re only babies. My poor Baronne Prevost is in her second year. I’m afraid she doesn’t like it here as well as she does there. She had a good first flush though, but now she has some sort of black spot. The spots are kind of gray, so I don’t know what exactly it is. I’m so glad you posted these photos of your garden. Everything is growing so nicely. Keep posting pics so we can watch them grow with you.
    Take care.

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