Descanso’s Lilac Garden

9 Apr
President Lincoln Lilac

During my lunch break today, I met up with Annie at Descanso‘s Lilac Garden, which was pretty much in full bloom.

Annie in the Lilac Garden

I don’t know if I’ve actually ever seen lilacs in full bloom before! They were lovely and smelled really nice. I planted a baby Lavender Lady Descanso-hybrid lilac last fall, it’s just starting to leaf out now, we’ll see if it blooms this year. Most lilacs need a winter to be happy, but Descanso created a few hybrids that are more tolerant to our mild climate (so that’s why I chose that particular one.)

As for other flowers at Descanso for those who are interested: The wisteria, Lady Banks roses, tulips and foxgloves were in full bloom. There were even a few sakura trees and camellias still blooming. For you rose-lovers, there were a FEW roses blooming, but most are just covered in buds. Maybe in a couple weeks. Can’t wait! 3,000+ roses in full bloom!  It’s good too, because I don’t really have time to see the roses right now. Super busy. Had just enough time to look at the lilacs, pretty much.

I don’t have time to edit a lot of photos, but here’s some. XOXO

Agincourt Beauty Lilac

Le Notre Lilac

Angel White Descanso-hybrid Lilac


One Response to “Descanso’s Lilac Garden”

  1. Sherry Roma April 10, 2011 at 3:26 pm #

    Lilacs really are beautiful. Too bad they don’t grow here. Thanks, Aimee.

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