More Roses and Irises

7 Apr

Another bloom from Archduke Charles. This is the one that was a deep reddish pink bud yesterday. All the blooms are slightly different! I’m in love with them. I think perhaps they smell like apples. Also interesting is that… it goes from a intense reddish pink bud,… and then it opens to this (below) with a paler pink center… and then as it ages even more, the whole bloom turns intense reddish pink again (not shown). At this last stage,… it’s changing to reddish pink due to sun/heat I think? Because where one petal shades an other petal there is a pale shadow underneath! It’s really fascinating actually!

Archduke Charles

The one of my William Shakespeare 2000’s which is NOT dead graced me with a bloom this morning. 🙂

William Shakespeare 2000

La France

First proper bloom on Carding Mill! Bea-uuu-tif-ul!

Carding Mill

Breakers Iris

Mystery Reblooming Bearded Iris



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