Seeds, Labels and Buds

24 Mar

TODAY’S TEA: Lupicia Jasmine Mandarin sample

I quickly took a couple shots of buds in the yard this morning. I’m pretty excited. There’s a bunch of buds on Baronne Prevost and I’m guessing a bunch of other roses, too, I didn’t have time to check.

This is Archduke Charles, the China which I’m extremely curious about.

Archduke Charles bud

For good measure, here’s some blooms on Carding Mill, a David Austin rose. I’ve heard her blooms are better her second (or later) year, so I’m looking forward to seeing some pretty blooms this year!

Carding Mill David Austin

I have some bulbs in from Brent and Becky’s! They’re zephyranthes candida (white rain lily, the tiny bulbs to the left), gladiolus ‘White Friendship’ and Gladiolus nanus “Elvira”. These’ll be my first glads, I tried to get ones that seemed like they would do well. We’ll see!

Other than that, I think I should probably plant my cosmos, columbine and poppy seeds soon. My previous seed attempts haven’t gone that well. I can never seem to figure out the right point to plant them in the garden. NEWBIE!


One of my neighbors asked what kind of labels I use in my garden. I thought some of you might be curious too. I use pawpaw rose labels for the metal part, and then I use my P-Touch label maker to print out clear exterior-grade labels. (You could use whatever you wanted, though as long as it’s a sturdy tape.)

Bloodlily with label


2 Responses to “Seeds, Labels and Buds”

  1. Masha March 25, 2011 at 3:11 am #

    Lovely blog, Aimee, and lots of beautiful pictures. It is always exciting to see buds on roses, I am looking forward to seeing more of your blooms.

  2. gothiclibrarian March 25, 2011 at 2:11 pm #

    Aimee, love the new blog, just added a link ❤

    Can't wait to see more of your roses and other plants…it's to snow here today, can you believe it!?! Hope all the new leaves, etc. can survive! It's been a tough winter/early spring here in zone 5b.

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