What’s Blooming

23 Mar

TODAY’S TEA: Lupicia Piccolo (Rooibos)

No picture, but, I was pretty excited to see a bud on Archduke Charles this morning. It’s my only China / Bengale class rose and it’s described as having a changeable color bud based on the age of the bloom and the climate. I’m really really excited to see how I like it since I’ve yet to see one in person. I put it in a pretty prominent spot in the front yard and I’ll be giving it a couple years to get going, but if I really DON’T like it, I’ll end up putting some sort of changeable color tea rose there instead. So… be pretty, Archduke! Or don’t! You can see photos of Archduke Charles on HMF.

Snow Fountain weeping sakura. my Western Redbud is also blooming and the Pia dwarf hydrangeas are leafing out.

Madame Alfred Carriere (Tea-Noisette)
This is the climbing rose I have two of on my front porch. It smells so glorious. I can’t wait to see what it does this year. It’s actually very pale, but this is it coated in sunset light.

More snowdrops

More Daffodils. By the way, all these daffs, I got at Lowe’s late in the bulb season for at least 75% off. Highly recommend. 🙂


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