Spring in My Garden

15 Mar

I weeded all of the back and sideyards yesterday… it was getting a bit bad, and if you don’t do it soon enough they seed and then it’s like Gremlins. Gotta do the front yard still… and I need to plant the bulbs that mom gave me from her yard. Still haven’t put together the arbor yet, cause I need Mitch’s help. If it takes much longer, I might just want to chart out the positions of the roses and transplant them before it gets too warm and just put the arbor in later.
I’m really pleased that some of the plants I thought had died a tortureous death, are coming back this spring, like my autumn joy sedum and russian sage and some other purple stuff I forget the name of (now you see why I label everything like a weirdo). The Sea Lavender is doing REALLY well too. Must plant more. The dwarf hydrangea pia(s) I planted by the A/C are leafing out.

probably narcissus minnow

narcissus hawera and dianthus

There are daffodils coming up all over the yard. 🙂

These little daisies were annuals that I planted last year and they did well until it got really hot, but I guess they laid seed! 😀 They’re coming up willy nilly all over.


probably leucojum aest

My grandmother’s irises


Larry Daniels


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