Garden In Winter

13 Jan

The herbs, especially the basil, look pretty twiggy right now. Sadness, no basil leaves. I was also rather dissappointed in the sedum (probably “Autumn Joy’s”) performance. It just looks rather sad right now. Probably too much water.

I’m surprised at what stuff looks rather charming right now though. A lot of plants are taking on reddish hues (stems included) and some of the roses that have dared to bloom (in January, 30-50 degree F weather) are more intense in color than they were this summer.

Alchemist, which is one of my only once-blooming roses, never bloomed for me this year, but that’s ok. I’m still hopeful for next year. It also grew alot which gives it points in my book. A nice added bonus is the coloring it’s leaves are taking on this winter. Isn’t that a lovely golden color?

Compassionate Friend. (hybridized by Jack Harkness kekeke… now reread the name of this rose and “compassionate” takes on all new meaning…)

Larry Daniels a climbing(?) sport of Grandmother’s Hat. Don’t you think the hot pink tinge on the edge of the petals is gorgeous? D:

Lavender Pink, which was green just a month ago, is now a gorgeous orange. This little sucker just kept blooming all year, even when I clipped buds.

Jude the Obscure, which did well all year and it’s blooms are just TO DIE FOR (both appearance and fragrance). Probably my favorite rose of this year. Right now the leaves are turning darker and the stems turning red. (normally the leaves would be green)

Guara looking particular red in the winter. This was a great plant all year surviving all kinds of heat and abuse. I love the way it looks like floating butterflies and partially screens the other plants.

Lily of the Nile. A real trouper all year. I think the dried seed heads are pretty, too. (the plant itself, below, is bright green right now)

Who’s looking extra happy right now? the Sweet Alyssum in the back. They got eaten once by -something- and then came back and haven’t been eaten since.

This little baby… I don’t know what -exactly- it is. Lots of daisy-like flowers seemed to falter when I planted them, but this thing made a happy mochi-like loaf and bloomed it’s head off, all year, even blooming NOW. It rests a bit and then starts blooming again. I want more of it like WOAH. Love the lemony color of the petals, too.
EDIT: It’s Marguerite Daisy ‘Lemon Sugar’ Argyranthemum frutescens

I bought this catmint by accident because I couldnt find Walker’s Low nepeta… so this is your everyday, catmint. But unlike many other things in the yard (which died), this little mound of catmint flourished and really added some lovely foliage to the spot I put it. I’ll probably add more this year. I also liked the changing colors of the leaves.

Sea Lavender, planted this fall. Gotta get more. Hasn’t bloomed yet, but it’s been really healthy for a while and I really like the leaves.

Tried this plant on a lark, it seems to do well in the pot, though eventually I’ll have to get it a bigger pot.
Blue Angel’s Trumpet.

The Bloodlily did really well in it’s pot this year, too.

My weeping cherry, Snow Fountain


One of the best successes of the front were these ornamental kale and violas that I planted this fall. They’ve done really great. They’ll probably die down once it gets hot, but I’m definitely replanting these next fall.

AGH. Look at that color. SO GORGEOUS.

Some south african bulbs that I forgot what they are. Maybe Balbania or Ixia? These are in the front yard, since it drains better than the back.

Chinese Ground Orchid. 3 of them survived (which you see) and 3 of them rotted. Never bloomed, but they look healthy enough. Maybe I’ll get lucky next year?

Also in the front, Carding Mill. It made a valiant showing for a later addition to the yard. None of it’s blooms were spectacular, but it tried. I thought the red stems and the intense hot pink bud was lovely right now. (Normally this rose is a peachy color)

Lyda Rose

My darling, Madame Alfred Carriere. LOOK HOW BIG SHE IS. GROW MY PRETTY, GROW.

Another one of my favorites from this year, Rita Sammons. This is a pinker child of Cecile Brunner. It blooms all the time and there’s just something about the whole look of the plant that’s romantic.


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