Nature and Garden Photos From Recently

31 Jul

I went to my local nursery for the first time in a long time. It just so happened that it was their 40th anniversary!

I’m happy to see businesses who are well run do well. This nursery always has great plants, lots of local specific, unusual and native plants, too. And they always give me lots of good advice and are really nice to me. They’re helping me learn how to water my yard properly (which is a big deal when you live in a hot/dry climate like this!)

A butterfly on a butterfly bush at the nursery

So they were giving away stuff for the anniversary, and one of the employees slipped a water meter on my cart when I wasn’t looking. haha… they knew I was having trouble with that. How thoughtful is that?? I also got a free house plant and a lei.

My new garden policy is to, in general try ONE of a plant and see if it does well… and then get more. Except for roses, because they love me no matter what I do to them apparently. (HUZZAH!) I almost killed my camellia in the front though because I didn’t know our drip system was clogged for WEEKS and I didn’t understand why the camellia was dying. I think I have it figured out now though… and maybe the camellia might recover. But I’ve learned a lot!

A hummingbird at the nursery. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tomorrow I think I might go to a garden and just read for a while and be quiet. And maybe clean the house a bit. It feels good to catch up a bit.

Some clouds. ๐Ÿ™‚

I got my iris babies in the mail! What’s really cool is that one of my online gardening friends was dividing her irises and asked me if I wanted some for the cost of postage. WOW. A ton of free gorgeous irises! Now I’ll have more to put around the roses and in the back yard, too! YAY! Sometimes the internet is a wonderful place. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here they are in the bed (this is what I did today after the nursery) Around them is La Reine, Baronne Prevost, Grosso Lavender and Agapanthus.

Mitch mowing the lawn

Some roses in my yard lately.

Compt de Chambord

One of my mystery roses… I actually squealed when I found it blooming this morning I thought it was so beautiful. Most of my mystery roses have been red… and I don’t really like bright red flowers. So I was really happy to find this complex double bloom in such a pretty peachy color. I think it MIGHT be Precious Dream (Hybrid Bracteata). If so, that would be AWESOME because then it’s a 2 foot tall rose, I could put it anywhere!

Penelope. This is a climbing rose. I’m hoping to have it climb up part of the side of the garage.

can’t remember which one this one is. D: maybe Rita Sammons


Tiffany. This variety was my first and only rose as a child. I really loved it. It’s still a great rose! It smells great and I love the yellow around the base of the petals. I was really happy to see it bloom because I accidentally stepped on it a while ago when I was trying to dig a hole. But it came back even stronger. Yay, Tiffany!


Rose(s) and the TARDIS
Madame Alfred Carriere, Baronne Prevost, Carding Mill

I’ve been taking blossoms in to work with me lately. They smell so great!
(from the left) William Shakespeare 2000, The Prince, Jude the Obscure


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