Yard Updates

5 Jul

I’m so glad I decided to get some agapanthus (Lily of the Nile). (These were planted in the original planting in January.) They’re really pleasing me a lot. They’re tough and I love the big flower pompoms. The hummingbirds seem to like them, too, even though they’re white and blue.

Grandmother’s Hat, a found Hybrid Perpetual rose (1972)

one of my babies, Duftendes Weisskirchen, from Eurodesertroses. They import rare european roses. 🙂 (They’re having a sale until the 7th, btw.)

La France cl, 1867
this is one of the first Hybrid Teas. I was on the fence about it, but now that I’ve seen it bloom and how fast it’s been growing, I really like it. I really like that the back of the petals (the reverse) is a darker pink.

A bouquet of Grandmother’s Hat (left) and La France (right)

Another winner…
La Reine! One of the first Hybrid Perpetuals. (1842)
You can see pictures of roses online… but roses vary so much in their cycle and where you grow them,… and it’s just different seeing them in person.
But how GORGEOUS is this rose. The pink color is so lucious and the shape… so charming! Each petal is a heart and the form of the bloom is so lovely and cupped!
I showed Char a picture and she said it looked like the Utena rose. 🙂

The heart petals of La Reine

Here’s what the same roses look like a couple days later:

Mme Berard, tea-noisette, 1870
I planted this one near my a/c and guest bedroom. It’s a climber, so I’m hoping to train it up near the guest bedroom window. 🙂

Another free mystery rose… this time, thankfully, not a red one. I really like this one actually. I don’t have many singles and the red interior is really charming.
I think it might be White Wings (reblooming fragrant hybrid tea)

An unknown wildflower that I grew from seeds that Jocelyn gave me. 🙂

Generally what the yard looks like right now.
The rose pot ghetto with alyssum growing around it

what I planted this past week (mostly alyssum, violas and geraniums) I mostly plant low-water usage plants, but this one spot of my backyard collects a bit of water for some reason, so I’m putting these slightly more water hungry babies here.

The path to NOWHERE! (future arbor spot)
You can see the mother of thyme I added inbetween the spots and the recovering lavender and various guara, daisies and penstemon. There’s some clematis and rose babies in here, too.


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