more photos from my garden

17 Jun

Really busy lately, but I’m finally getting caught up on stuff. Yay! I feel really happy today! Here’s some photos I’ve been gradually saving from my garden over the past week or so:

Mushrooms coming up in the lawn

Jude the Obscure (LOVE IT, LOVE IT, smells wonderful!)

James Galway cl’s first bloom

Sydonie and some poppies I grew from seed

a tiny band of Compt de Chambord

Gloire de Dijon. This is my second bloom on this tiny band. But every time the bloom gets to about this stage… something EATS it. I took this photo yesterday, and today the bloom is totally gone. Like something ate the whole bud and part of the stem right off. 😡 I haven’t been able to see a mature bloom of it because of this.
This plant is so small that it’s buds are very close to the ground, so I think that’s why it’s a target? Is it rabbits?

Lavender Pink Noisette’s first bloom

William Shakespeare 2000 again

my herb pots (look how happy they are!)

Koi at the nursery

A few of my seedlings from Jocelyn (which are now planted in the garden)

A purple tree. 🙂 These grow all over the place in southern california.

The mountains (foothillls?) near where I live.



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