Yard Updates

14 May

Here’s the new babies I bought this past week.
I mostly bought wandflower, Golden Fleece (dyssodia tenuiloba), blue mountain (nierembergia hippomanica), snowland (leucanthemum paludosum… which perhaps I may be dermatalogically allergic to. OOPS.), penstemon, salvia, heatwave glitter sage (salvia greggii), Grosso Lavender, English Lavender and Thumbelina Leigh (dwarf) English Lavender. I liked the lavender that our initial installation gardeners put in,… but it was all French and Spanish, and to me, it’s the Grosso and English that smells the most traditionally lavender. And it’s all pretty drought tolerant and works well with roses.

Here’s what the yard looks like now with most of the new plants put in.
This is my rose ghetto. I potted the bands up a bit to help them relax and then I’ll plant them into the ground a little later. I’m planning to put some tall bearded reblooming irises in here, too. (I’m going to sow some perennial varieties of foxgloves and plant some spuria iris bulbs on the other side of the yard…)

You can see the new La France (Early Hybrid Tea climber 1893) rose on the back wall. La France was one of the first Hybrid Teas (1867)… but I got it because I like how it looks. This was a gallon plant… but look how big it is! I bet it’s going to be a vigorous rose. Next to it you can see one of the irises from my mom, about to bloom!
That’s rosemary in front of it. Tempted to move the rosemary forward a bit… I think La France has enough room, though. Hmm.

The next day… the iris bloomed! 😀 Isn’t it beautiful?

My best idea in the past week, I think, is putting some short daisies and english lavender along the “path”. They smell so good and define the path, more! Eventually, there will be a rose covered arbor there to GO TO, but for now, it is the path to NOTHING! 😀 You can see some penstemon, guara and nierembergia hippomanica in there, too.

PENSTEMON. YOU ARE THE BEST FLOWER. You come in my favorite colors of deep pink, light pink and cobalt. You are a perennial, you are drought tolerant and hummingbirds love you… and you have that romantic look that I love.

Also pretty rad is Chinese Foxglove. Looks kinda like foxglove,… but is more drought tolerant, not biennial and has babies. Probably will not be invasive in our hard clay soil, but I’ll watch it.

cl. James Galway (David Austin) is sprouting more!

Sydonie (Damask Perpetual 1847)

My other roses, about to bloom. These were planted about 2-3 months ago as bareroots from DA
cl. Eden

Sombreuil (large flowered climber, approx 1880?)

William Shakespeare 2000 (David Austin)

A tiny tiny found china rose called Martha Gonzales. (cute story around it!) This was a free plant from Longagoroses.com

Does anyone know what this mystery rose is?

BABY SEEDS! I’m going to have to separate them soon. This pot is like way more happy than all of the rest of them, it’s so funny! These are from Jocelyn.

One of the Moonvines from my mom finally sprouted!

One of my poppies that grew from seed is about to bloom!


Wildeve (David Austin)

Felicia (Hybrid Musk, prior to 1926)


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