Garden Progress

21 Apr

My husband is so handsome. Even when he’s irritated because he has to mow the lawn. (IN HIS SUIT! SO DAPPER! OH MY!)

This is one of the plants that was put in by the builders of our house. I figured out what it was the other day, an Australian Tea Tree. It’s charming!

Mom bought me a few of these little toadstools for my herb pots. They’re made by a local socal artisan. They’re so cute! My mom really loves stuff like this.

These are treasure boxes! I’ve always loved them. They’re so weird and pretty. I vaguely remember them from elementary school and this friend of the family that I loved who treated me like her grandchild. I think she had them in her garden. And my mom had them in her garden all the time.

This is what my backyard looks like right now! (In case you’re curious this is what the yard looked like in January)
The Crepe Myrtle is leafing out as are the previously dormant wisteria.
Weeping sakura in front, sakura in the back… morea, delphinium, foxglove, wistera, cosmos and penstemon.

Mostly roses, lavendar and prostrate camellia

more roses, crepe myrtle, irises, etc…!

rosemary, morea, irises, etc..

This is the back left corner… I put in a couple clematis near the climbing roses. The idea is to add some kind of arbor inbetween them so that the purple clematis and the pale roses can climb over it. I still haven’t decided on an arbor yet.

Here’s Raubritter, which is a low growing shrub rose that I loved the bloom of so much, I didn’t care that it was once-blooming.

One of the clematis I put in this past weekend! This is Silver Moon.

the position it’s in on the sideyard (the plants are centered on the house windows in the kitchen and dining room)

some kind of daisy I got this weekend. I can’t remember the name. I’m not sure what it is… if it’s the color or the proportion of the centers to the petals… but I really really love this little daisy.

My mom brought me irises from her garden (and her mother’s garden) over Christmas break and I planted them…they seem really happy and one of them looks like it’s going to bloom soon! When we went to the nursery, we saw a really frilly iris… and my mom said something like “well, the ones I gave you aren’t as fancy as that one…” but honestly… the ones she gave me I will love more than any frilly thing from a nursery. And sometimes simple things are the most eloquent.

Here’s one of the blooming ones!

This is what Great Maiden’s Blush’s bud looks like. Isn’t it weird? 😀

Lastly, here’s some of the already sprouting seeds I planted while my mom was here! These are probably the wild flower seeds from Colorado that Jocelyn gave me


One Response to “Garden Progress”

  1. Marion Smart March 8, 2013 at 1:37 am #

    Hi, I am admiring your garden. I live in Australia and came across your blog by chance (looking for images of Tipsy Imperial Concubine) and notice you have a photo of one of our native trees (Tee Tree) what a lovely specimen, don’t overwater it, they thrive on neglect.

    Love your flagstones.

    Kind Regards
    Marion Smart

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