Mystery Sakura and Madame Alfred Carriere

30 Mar

Well, I still don’t know what kind of sakura this is that was planted in my back yard! haha! The nursery told me it was a double pink… (and still hasn’t gotten back to me…) but it’s clearly a single… and well, it’s white! But then, the photos that Jason took of clearly-labled Pink Cloud sakura in Van Nuys were white as baby trees, too…. so maybe mine will turn pink next year? Also makes me wonder if my tree is a Pink Cloud… which would be awesome if it was, because… well, you all know why. I love those Van Nuys trees.

Sadly, it seems something ate the hummingbird egg. Poor thing.

This is what the whole tree looks like.

Here’s my baby Snow Fountain weeping sakura! Isn’t it beautiful?

and here’s my first Madame Alfred Carriere bloom! I’m pleasantly surprised by the pinkish tinge when the bloom is young! And the shape of the bloom… oh,… madame, you are so charming! If you want to see the shape of the bush click here. MAC is a climbing noisette rose. Supposedly MAC gets huge… I’m looking forward to it, Madame, please get huge and cover the front of my house!


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