Baby Hummingbirds and Sakura?

23 Mar

Hi, folks!
One of my wisteria vines is also blooming! … and here’s another photo of Belle Story Rose!

Look at what I found in my baby sakura tree!
This bird nest is super super tiny! Is it a hummingbird nest? I put up a feeder in my yard,… I think maybe I should put up another one, too! I loooove hummingbirds. I’ll plant some more hummingbird friendly plants when I get some time, too.

This is one of my little (planted in Dec) sakura trees. I’m not sure what type it is… at the nursery they told me it it was a double-pink… but it’s blooming single white. But sometimes people say it doesn’t bloom what it is the first year. I don’t really mind either way, I like both types (though I’d prefer a pink since my other tree is definitely a white!) I’m super happy that it looks like it’s actually going to bloom a decent amount soon! So hopefully that means it’s doing well.


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