Garden Progress

30 Dec

I took these yesterday. Today, there’s a light mist and the cherry trees’ branches turned a rosey color. ❤

Except for a few larger ones out in the back, you can't see any of the roses until you are very close to them. They're just 5 inch little sticks, most of them without any leaves at all. It'll be interesting to see how fast they grow (or don't). We also sewed some white poppy seeds and some fleabane daisy seeds along the front of the beds. It's funny, it may to some of you look kindof bare,… but these plants will fill in a lot, and if they all live, I may have to thin them out. We'll see what happens!

The bare left corner there (in the below photo) will hopefully have an arbor covered in off-white Sombreuil and Gloire de Dijon climbing roses. Behind it, in the corner itself, will be light pink cl. Eden. 🙂
The colors of most of the plants are purple (rosemary, wisteria, lavendar, lilac and bearded irises), light pink (roses, penstemon, camellias), dark red (roses), and white/light yellow (roses, poppies, daisies, bearded irises, star jasmine, muscari, bicolor morea, agapanthus). There are no bright yellows, pure reds or oranges.

Inbetween the broken concrete patio, there will be whooly thyme, and the large patch of darker dirt you see in the middle is going to be lawn. Most of this is going to be done before New Years!

one slightly closer up photo so you can see the rose babies.

I said I wasn’t going to get a hummingbird feeder yet, but now that we have plants, I’m tempted. Are they even out this time of year? Maybe I should wait for spring. I’m probably also going to buy some big rocks… and eventually a basin for birds (maybe next year).

I still have two or three spots on the sideyard for a fullsun climber… either a rose or a clematis or something, or both… or something else. Who knows! I’m going to wait for a bit and then decide.

Today is Mitch and my 8th wedding anniversary, actually. I know a date comes around almost arbitrarily in the year, but lately I’ve been very grateful about our marriage. Marriage is hard you guys, but I love my husband and I’m looking forward to the future. We dated for about 2 years before getting married, so it’s almost like our 10th anniversary.
I think a garden is a pretty great anniversary present! I’m so excited about this garden, you guys.

crapped-together-in-photoshop-panoramic-overhead-view taken a few hours before the above photos.
Don’t mind the jagged lines,… the lawn shape is actually softly curving, but it’s a bad photoshop mashup. The patio is a curved shape, too.

Click for larger

and with that I guess I better go to work. But the cat on my lap is SO WARM and PURRY.


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