Plants, Roses

24 Dec

A big moving truck came with a ton of plants for me today from the nursery! SO EXCITED. My mom really loves plants, too, so it was really fun to get to share that with her.

here’s some mystery bonus roses I got from
I think I’m going to plant them in pots to see at least what color they are before I decide where to put them. I wonder what they are?!

Showa-No-Sakae Camellias! It’s a low, more groundcover version of camellia. so cool, I love the trailing branches. Double blooms!

double pink flowering cherry tree! 🙂 I’m actually not sure on the specific variety, he’s going to get back to me on that.

snowfountain white weeping flowering cherry. 😀 behind it you can see a Lady Banks rose and some wisteria.

I found some pink penstemon, some fleabane daisies and a few white poppies! I have some seeds coming, too, that I’m going to play around with till spring.

bicolor morea, lavendar, rosemary and thyme

White and blue bearded iris bulbs from my mom’s yard… originally from my Mommy Vi’s yard, one of the sweetest women who ever lived. Also, I bought some white muscari bulbs today.

Step 1 of the broken concrete patio!

what it looks like today! (aren’t they doing a nice job? I think it looks really great.) The thyme is going to grow inbetween the rocks!


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